Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Profile in Excellence: From Pizza to Politics

Dennis Tran - worlds fastest pizza maker at 55 seconds.

I was sick recently and found myself watching a show on the food network that was taking a look inside the Domino's “30 minutes or less” company heritage.  Apparently, they have these annual competitions where fast pizza making employees from all over the world compete for the title as “World’s Fastest Pizza Maker.”  I found myself strangely moved by Mr. Tran’s victory, but not just because I love both efficiency and pizza.  It was the very real victory he enjoyed.  People rushed to embrace him and it looked like he might have even shed a tear.

In a world where you are either keeping up with the Jones’s or trying to justify your worldview, as a global melt down seems to be taking hold, it is refreshing to see humans just celebrating excellence… In whatever it is they do.

In the teaching of my faith, we are told to do everything we do as if we are doing it in service of Christ.  There are a lot of theological reasons for that, but those aren’t necessary for the point to be made.  We should all strive to do everything with excellence.  And, when someone displays excellence, we should be quick to celebrate with him or her (not downplay their actions as less than another’s because it doesn’t seem “important” or because later activities undid their work).

I find it exhilarating to watch my fellow humans celebrate accomplishment, even if I don’t totally “get” what they are accomplishing.  It is the shear impossibility of the moment and the raw human emotion that displays which draws me in. It is addictive and I find myself seeking it out.

We watch a lot go on in public policy everyday that we don’t stop and acknowledge as moments of excellence.  I, on the other hand, sit in awe.  One of my greatest blessings is the ability to be right there, in that moment, and milk it for every drop of victory there is.  It is what gets me by.  And, right now, I am watching a show of excellence unfold in the state of Wisconsin.

Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans in their State Senate and Assembly are bravely taking a stand.  It moves me to watch as various members of the body stand in front of a roaring angry mob with nothing but a microphone and a little earpiece to connect them to the national news interviews while they absolutely NAIL their interviews.  It moves me to see a brand new Governor paraded through a series of interviews and press conferences and not be shaken from his resolve that this must be done for the future of the state he loves.  He is calm, he is articulate, and dare I say… he’s more presidential than our own President.  Governor Walker nails the interviews.  Everytime.  And THAT is excellence.

Next year, someone else may beat Dennis Tran’s world pizza making record.  But, he deserves the credit for doing whatever it is you do with excellence and commitment.

Similarly, the forces that gain their strength from a well-funded Democratic party through union dues may someday undo what is being fought so valiantly for in Wisconsin.  But, history will forever reserve a spot for the memory of the excellence being exhibited there right now by Governor Walker, Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, and a whole host of other Republican legislators who have risen to challenge and are truly working with excellence.

*Standing Ovation*

Update: Apparently, Tran's segment on Food Network (while moving) is out of date.  Pali Grewal is the 2010 World’s Fastest Pizza Maker at 39.1 seconds.  :)

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